C lib: strtto*(): base 0/16: not ISO C compliant

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Sat Jul 9 12:30:20 PDT 2022

Matthew Dillon wrote in
 <CAOZ7CpByZ5cPHTcCP=5ZuLYQKs_mn23tRf2DFMHUNSR2xjw2jg at mail.gmail.com>:
 |Yes, I see.  I will make the change.  There are at least 10 strtol-like
 |routines in libc that would need the fix.  It may take a few days of
 |testing before it can be pushed.

Oh i am very much sorry, i stuck over an hour on a bug-bash thread
mail, because i could not find the mailing-list thread that
likely resulted in these BSD commits on 2017-07-06; i thought it
was on oss-security, but - no.
I know it was a ML thread because i had to adjust my own thing:

         /* Char after prefix must be valid.  However, after some error
          * in the tor software all libraries (which had to) turned to

So it definetely was tor related by then.  But where?

          * an interpretation of the C standard which says that the
          * prefix may optionally precede an otherwise valid sequence,
          * which means that "0x" is not a STATE_INVAL error but gives
          * a "0" result with a "STATE_BASE" error and a rest of "x" */

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