How much diferrent and compatible is DragonFlyBSD to FreeBSD?

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Fri Jan 28 06:46:07 PST 2022

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> When it comes to the core of the operating systems themselves (mostly the
> kernel), how much difference these two operating systems have? I know that
> DragonFlyBSD was a fork of FreeBSD so I suppose that they have most things
> in common. But what are different? For example, has DragonFlyBSD changed
> the numbers (or even the functionality) for the basic system calls? Or
> maybe changed some other stuff? Hence I wonder if there is a lot of works
> that has to been done to port FreeBSD binaries to DragonFlyBSD. Sorry if
> this question sounds too n00by but I want to know how much compatibility
> there is with FreeBSD.

At least the "Handbook" -s are different as FreeBSD : Good , DragonFlyBSD :
Bad ...

You may read them yourself for a comparison .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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