The variable "environ" shows as undeclared

Aaron LI aly at
Sun Jan 23 05:20:48 PST 2022


It seems that tinycc doesn’t support DragonFly yet and it requires some porting work.

The environ error is easy to fix, but I then run into others errors.

May need some significant work to get tinycc on DragonFly.


> On Jan 23, 2022, at 17:47, rempas at wrote:
> I'm trying to compile the Tiny C Compiler (thanks for your help to my previous email)
> and I'm getting an error message saying that the "environ" variable is undeclared.
> I made my research and I found out that it exists on DragonFlyBSD's libc. So anyone
> knows why I'm getting this error? Maybe I need a development package and I don't know? 
> I tried to compile with GCC and Clang.
> The source to the Tiny C compiler for everyone that wants to try:
> The exact error message:
> ```
> tccrun.c:154:19: error: 'environ' undeclared (first use in this function)
>          char **envp = environ;
>                                     ^~~~~~~
> ```

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