Cannot compile the Tiny C Compiler

rempas at rempas at
Sat Jan 22 12:36:59 PST 2022

22 Ιαν 2022, 19:27 Από chris at

> In the README there:
>  Notes: For FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD, gmake should be used instead of make.
> You need to use GNU make.
> regards,
> chris
Thanks both of you! Well for some reason, I kinda saw about "qmake" again but
I didn't bothered because I didn't used FreeBSD or BragonFlyBSD at the time but
now I completely forgot about it and just used `which make` to verify that it is the
"/usr/local/bin/make" (or "/usr/bin/make" I don't remember) but thought that the
default "make" is "qmake" for some reason.... Anyway, I will try to learn how to use
"qmake" because from what I see, it's not like "make" but rather it creates Makefiles
so I don't know how to use it. There was also no manual but hopefully I will be able
to find some info and compile tcc. Thanks a lot for the info! I wish you both to have
an amazing day!

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