HAMMER & HAMMER2: volumes of different sizes, dedupe, mirroring, and stability

Xianwen Chen (陈贤文) xchen at live.no
Fri Jan 7 17:39:01 PST 2022


I got quite a few questions regarding HAMMER & HAMMER 2 fs.

I haven't been able to find out whether HAMMER & HAMMER2 fs could add 
volumes of different sizes. Let's assume that there are 4 hard drives: 
200 GB, 300 GB, 400 GB, and 500 GB. Could I put all these 4 hard drives 
under HAMMER or HAMMER 2 fs and have a total of 1400 GB storage? Or will 
there be just 800 GB like ZFS?

Do I understand it correctly that HAMMER fs only supports offline 
dedupe? Does HAMMER 2 fs support online dedupe?

It seems that mirroring is the way to have data redundancy in HAMMER and 
HAMMER 2. Continuing with the example of 4 hard drives (200 GB, 300 GB, 
400 GB, and 500 GB), will I be able to have 3 mirrors, in addition to 
the ``original'' one where mirrors copy data from?

Is there any risk of data loss when I add and remove volumes?

Yours sincerely,

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