What's Meta v1?

Dan Cross crossd at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 11:24:59 PST 2022

It is the version listed in the file `/var/db/pkg/Avalon.meta`. Oh my
dragonfly dev machine (which I basically never have time to poke at :-(
...) the contents are:


On the other hand, my Ham radio DragonFly machine, which is running
6.2-RELEASE, has this:


I'm not quite sure what creates or updates that file, nor what the
implication of simply updating the "version": in the latter file from 1 to
2 would be.

        - Dan C.

On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 10:58 AM Pierre Abbat <phma at leaf.dragonflybsd.org>

> I just ran "pkg ins hs-stack" and got "WARNING: Meta v1 support will be
> removed in the next version". What's this mean?
> Pierre
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> gau do li'i co'e kei do
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