Why my account on "bugs.dragonflybsd.org" has not been approved after so many months?

Antonio Huete Jimenez tuxillo at quantumachine.net
Fri Feb 11 11:23:31 PST 2022

On 11/2/22 18:07, rempas at tutanota.com wrote:
> A couple of months ago (I don't remember but I won't be surprised if it was even half a year ago or even more), I tried to make an account in the issue track website of DragonFlyBSD but my account waits approval since then. I just wanted to report a bug back then that happened when I tried to use a VM and after my account not getting approved after some times, I didn't bothered.

We had to disable the sign-up process again, too much spam. I've mailed 
you directly. Let's follow it up there.

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