Presentation on DragonFly BSD ?

Jean Louis bugs at
Thu Feb 3 08:45:55 PST 2022

* Bret Busby <bret.busby at> [2022-02-03 19:34]:
> It is unfortunate that the request above, was hijacked by lunatics, to
> use this mailing list as a platform for lunatic anti-vaxxers.
> Such people are the same in nature, as suicide bombers, and the first
> such message, should have caused the list to go into full moderation,
> with every message being checked for such political nastiness.

I know that is all off-topic. Now the way how you are virtually
pointing fingers is now supposed to scare people or put them into the
state of not thinking for themselves, like everybody must be same in
the world? I have expected more analytical skills from people who use
profound operating systems.


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