How are Dport packages managed? Can regular user contrib or only admins can do that?

rempas at rempas at
Mon Feb 7 11:26:34 PST 2022

Hi and I hope everyone is having a great day! So, I'm seeing that a lot of packages (and it happens that it's almost every one that I care) are out of date in DragonFlyBSD. Now, I'm wondering if this is because the developers want to keep it stable like Debian (which is probably not the reason as the most important stuff about stability are the system packages which are managed by the developers anyway) or if it is because all these packages cannot be checked and updated by the current manpower? If the later is the reason then is it possible for regular users to either contribute new packages and try to update the current one and see if it works and then contribute the files? If this is possible then, where do we contribute the files? DragonFlyBSD compiles from source but there are also built in packages from "pkg" so should we also submit a binary or we should only give the files and then the developers compile it and do that?

I don't have any experience with contributing and helping with any other package managers, repositories but I want to help DragonFlyBSD as it looks very promising to me and I just want to help someone because I'm so bored only receive stuff from the open source community and not helping and I want this to change. If I can contrib, I will do gladly do it!

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