April 19th presentation on DragonFly BSD

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Thu Feb 3 15:07:27 PST 2022

Hi Folks:

 I have confirmation from Justin Sherrill that he can give a
presentation on DragonFly BSD on April 19th. I will post a link to
the Jitsi meeting 24 hours in advance.

Here's what Justin will try to cover:
- Presentation on the 15th of March
- Live presentation of slides, containing
-- DragonFly history
-- various features
-- How to install and get to a desktop
-- What you can do with Hammer
-- Time permitting, something about the Digest, though that could be
a presentation on its own

On Tuesday, February 15th, Semi-Bug will have a presentation on
database design by Susan Hurst, a data base architect. If it is OK,
I will post a link to that talk here. 

Kind regards,

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