Motherboard/CPU combinations.

David curmudgeon at
Fri Dec 9 22:45:44 PST 2022


About to put a box together to run Debian, FreeBSD, and Dragonfly.
Have checked the various sites but suspect that current information is 
in arrears, so thought I'd ask here.
I'm looking for a motherboard, M-ATX factor, and the latest CPU to 
cater to them, as I don't build boxes too often these days, so I want 
something which will cater well into the future.
Debian I don't have to worry about so much as anything which will run 
FreeBSD and Dragonfly Debian will run on, so I suppose FreeBSD is the 
sticking point as I assume anything that will handle that Dragonfly 
will run on also.
I understand some of the Ryzen CPUs work well, but have no specific 
information on which iterations.
It's all for a workstation, not a server.
Grateful for any suggestions.
Thanking you.


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