Some consideration about the handbook of Dragonflybsd...

Mario Marietto marietto2008 at
Mon Oct 18 09:55:19 PDT 2021


I'm a new dragonfly bsd user. I'm looking for the commands which replace
the freebsd commands : geom disk list and gpart show. I'm reading this part

I would expect that these commands were explained before to introduce the
"The mount Command" because I think that it is "normal" that before
mounting a partition one should learn how to obtain the list of the disk
and partitions available. It seems that whoever wrote the handbook used
another logic that at the moment I don't understand. So,I've spent the last
2 hours of my life trying to find the needed commands. Can someone be
gentle with me to tell me what they are ? until now I find one of them :
camcontrol devlist seem to be like geom disk list,but now I need to know
what's the other command that replaces "gpart show",because I need to have
the list of the partitions included inside each disk that I have. very

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