Using development branch until next release

Hunter Ellett hunter2k1 at
Thu Nov 25 09:35:27 PST 2021

Hello DragonFly BSD Users,

I have been wanting to use DragonFly BSD for quite some time now on my 
main machine but was limited since I have an RX 580 video card. It's 
come to my attention that the amdgpu driver has been added from Linux, 
which will allow me to use DragonFly without the generic modesetting 
video driver. Thank you for this wonderful addition :)

However, this won't be made available until the next release, but I 
believe it's already in the development/snapshot branch, right? Would it 
be possible for me to pick up a snapshot, keep it updated, and then 
settle on the next release branch? Or would it be best to just wait 
until the next release (whenever that is)? Your input is greatly 


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