entire "no subject" thread (on May 2021) not delivered to my e-mail inbox

Justin Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Sat May 22 13:52:20 PDT 2021

The patch only adds a timestamp.  My hunch is that it's a malformed mail
file.  At least, that is what it was every other time it happened.

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 6:21 AM Antonio Huete Jiménez <
tuxillo at quantumachine.net> wrote:

> Yeah, it's an error in mailman somehow, we don't know why that happens
> but it might be related to a custom patch we use to add timestamps to
> the posts.
> Quoting nacho Lariguet <lariguet at gmail.com>:
> > https://lists.dragonflybsd.org/pipermail/users/2021-May/thread.html
> >
> > I just discovered it by accident looking up something else on the
> > list archive.
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