6.0 and console on ThinkPad x220

karu.pruun karu.pruun at gmail.com
Fri May 21 00:25:07 PDT 2021

The kern.kms_console is set to 1 by default, you can remove it from
loader.conf. There is a man page for drm (see 'man drm') and also for
the drivers, i915 and radeon.

I checked my intel (i7 skylake) machine, I get the same errors and
messages, but drm/i915 and xorg/xfce work fine.

Just to clarify, has drm been working earlier on this machine, with
the bios booting?

When you manually load i915, is it that you see some messages on
console, and the last one is

'[drm] Initialized i915 1.6.0 20171023 for dev_name on minor 0'

and the next line 'kms console: xpixels 1366 ypixels 768' you do not
see on console, but it's in /var/log/messages?



On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 11:33 PM Chuck Musser <cmusser at sonic.net> wrote:
> https://man.dragonflybsd.org/?command=syscons&section=ANY
> Heh, I never managed to stumble across that. Thanks!

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