6.0 and console on ThinkPad x220

Chuck Musser cmusser at sonic.net
Sun May 16 14:58:31 PDT 2021

A while ago I switched to using UEFI boot mode on my x220 using DFly
5.8, so I could use rEFInd to multi-boot my system. This required some
additional config in /boot/loader.conf to fix a garbled console. This is
the config I'd added: 


This came from this article:

With the upgrade to 6.0, the console is garbled again, meaning the top
half of the screen fills with junk at some point in the boot and it
never recovers to show a readable prompt. The system does boot however.
I wonder if something didn't get upgraded right or the procedure needed
is somehow different. Anyone know how to get it to work? Currently, I'm
just running in console mode (no X11), but eventually I'd like to use X
again on this host. That may change the advice. I know that there's a
variant of this advice that has the i915_load directive in /etc/rc.conf,
not /boot/loader.conf, but I am not sure if that is still a requirement.

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