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Tue May 4 09:10:42 PDT 2021

"Bring in GCC-4.1 (setenv CCVER GCC41 to use)."

Let's see.....


# setenv CCVER GCC41
# gcc -v
gcc: in path []/usr/libexec/GCC41/gcc: No such file or directory
If you're willing to build DFly from source you just add a line to
your /etc/make.conf 'WANT_GCC41=true' (IIRC) and it will get built.
Then, after gcc41 is installed, you setenv CCVER GCC41 to actually
use it instead of the default gcc3x.
Thanks - may come back to that.

For now, 'one challenge at a time', so trying gcc4.1 on FBSD 6 AMD-64.

If it is broken there, it is broken, full-stop, AFAIAC (Leenux nor its interface 
layer, not being on my radar).

And 'make check' was not happy just now - well before getting at all Ada-ish, so 
I may have to revert to trying an older version on FBSD 4.X.

Or use the PowerBook :-(


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