heads up - vkernels will be broken on master for a while

Matthew Dillon dillon at backplane.com
Wed Jan 6 12:45:21 PST 2021

It turns out that some of the pmap work last year is making MAP_VPAGETABLE
memory maps basically not work properly.  The pmap work was important and
it is undesirable to back any of it out, so what we will have to do instead
is take out MAP_VPAGETABLE support which will break vkernel support in
master until we can get hardware virtualization operational again.

This does not affect running dragonfly in a virtualized environment, it
just affects running the 'vkernel's under dragonfly.  I hope to bring
vkernel support back, but we will have to do it under the umbrella of
adding more reliable HVM (hardware virtualization) support to DragonFly.

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