UEFI/GPT, HAMMER2 at ROOT boot failure

Autumn Jolitz autumn.jolitz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 16:07:44 PST 2021


I would like to reopen https://bugs.dragonflybsd.org/issues/3124 as I've discovered it with my attempt to use packer/VirtualBox to automate creation of a dragonfly 6.0.2 image for Vagrant and when I experimented with a `gpt init`/`Hammer2 at ROOT`, it throws an error that looks to be in the efi /boot/bootx64.efi.

I'm on the mailing lists for bugs@ and users@

My project is on github so it can be reproduced (branch efi-hammer2-boot) - the init.sh I am using to provision after puppeteering packer's input to the DragonFly 6.0.2 iso is at https://github.com/autumnjolitz/cerberus_gateway/blob/efi-hammer2-boot/bootstrap/init.sh#L10

You simply need VirtualBox, hashicorp packer to reproduce the issue.

I'd like a bugs.dragonflybsd.org account - my intent is to achieve a HAMMER2 boot on GPT/EFI.

The MBR + HAMMER2 guide I worked with can be found at https://gist.github.com/liweitianux/45c1abf7a692394d4a7702e192a8a7e1

I was able to transcribe the boot failure after running `packer build -force cerberus-dragonfly.pkr.hcl`:

   >> DragonFly EFI boot block
      Loader path: /loader.efi:/boot/loader.efi
      Initializing modules: UFS
      Probing 6 block devices.....**++ done
       UFS found 4 partition
   Failed to load '/loader.efi' or '/boot/loader.efi'
   panic: No bootable partitions found!



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