A Tale Of Two USB Pen Drives

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk
Wed Sep 23 23:30:48 PDT 2020

Hi Alexander,>so yesterday I decided to try out Dragonfly BSD. So I booted OpenBSD 6.8-beta on my trusty Lenovo Thinkpad X220 and promptly >downloaded the 5.8.1 release memstick image. I then used dd(1) to copy it to /dev/rsd1c and rebooted. I rejoiced that the image booted but >was dismayed that it asked me to specify the root fs. Choices of da0 da0s4 and da8 were displayed. By subsequent use of "lsdev -v" at the >boot prompt I determined that "da8" probably was the correct choice, with da0s4 being the OpenBSD partition, which I wanted to leave alone>>Use of "ufs:da8", "hammer2:da8", "ffs:da8" all gave an error reading sector 0 of the device.>I thought that the pen drive might be defective and went to town to buy another one. That didn't help. Neither>did using the current snapshot help.>>I'm now at loss what to do. I like challenges and simply using the working OpenBSD installation won't do.>>I would be grateful for any help, or pointers to any dics that I can RTFM. TIA.I also have a trusty X220: builtin USB doesn't work with DragonFly. Otherwise it works great with DragonFly.Netbooting DragonFly works fine.The DragonFly install media (memstick) contains a netboot/install option.You just need to boot the install media on another pc connected to your X220 with an ethernet cable.Then select netboot/install on other pc and netboot your X220 (choosing PXE in BIOS).I didn't yet open a bug on this issue, you might be faster doing it. -thomas
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