ifconfig seg fault

eightbitastronomy eightbitastronomy at protonmail.com
Fri Nov 6 17:34:36 PST 2020

Hello all,

Seeing that dragonfly 5.8.3 was released, I thought I'd upgrade before my version gets too old to do so easily...I haven't had time to pay much attention to anything but work so forgive me if this is an easy/stupid problem.

I followed the upgrade instructions here https://www.dragonflybsd.org/release58/ then rebooted. Immediately upon reboot I get intermittent and annoying messages:

Nov 6 20:22:14 eyrie dhclient[926]: em0: not found

em0 is my ethernet interface. If I run ifconfig, I get a seg fault immediately after seeing the information for em0. (Not even info on a loopback interface, but maybe that's just a linuxworld thing?). dmesg doesn't show me anything fun for em0, ya know, like explosions.

So, I'm just wondering, does anyone know what in the upgrade process could have caused this, how to fix it, how to get my IQ up to subhuman standards, etc etc?

Would be much appreciated!
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