AW: UNIX signals on DragonFly

Sascha Wildner saw at
Wed May 27 00:17:07 PDT 2020

> We can add defines but someone would need to research it.  Linux does have
> a RTSIG_MAX (set to 32) in <linux/limits.h> which we do not appear to have.
> There is also a __SIGRTMAX define in linux (set to 64).  I don't see anything for
> a RTSIG_MIN, however.

I don't know if adding just the defines makes a lot of sense.

The SIGRT{MIN,MAX} are the range of signals for which POSIX Real-Time Signals behavior is supported, but we are missing the actual support for that in DragonFly (we're missing a sigqueue(2) system call for example).

This small page by Oracle has more info on POSIX Real-Time Signals:


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