Upgrade from 5.5 failed

Pierre Abbat phma at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Fri May 15 10:51:30 PDT 2020

On Friday, May 15, 2020 12:48:25 PM EDT Jonathan Engwall wrote:
> Something like this is possible if the new kernel did not transplant in
> place of the old kernel.
> In that case, you may have to remove the the extra kernel.
> First you need to establish that you have the new kernel in place. Also you
> need a back up /home/*.* plus anything else you would want.
> I hope you have done this.
> Can you check to see if you two kernels?

Everyone who didn't just install DFly has two kernels. I have 5.9 in /boot/
kernel and 5.5 in /boot/kernel.old/. Also in /boot1/kernel I have 5.5 and in /
boot1/kernel.old some older version.

What went wrong is that the package database is in /var, and I didn't tar /var 
on the failed disk because the failed sector was in /var/log and I saw no 
point in transferring log files to the new disk. So when I upgraded packages, 
it did not delete the files belonging to the old packages.

ve ka'a ro klaji la .romas. se jmaji

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