Installing to a GPT partition

karu.pruun karu.pruun at
Fri Mar 27 12:02:55 PDT 2020

You need to put the DragonFly efi boot image /boot/boot1.efi on your
ESP partition (which is just a FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 partition). If
you are only booting DragonFly, then copy this image to the ESP as


It will be the default boot image for UEFI.

If you want to multiboot, you can save it as something like


and use refind as your boot manager. The other partitions you can
install as described on gpt(8). See [1] for an exhaustive and
entertaining overview of how UEFI works.




On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 5:39 PM Gerald Henriksen <ghenriks at> wrote:
> So a hard drive upgrade means there is no longer an old style drive,
> which it appears installing Dragonfly in the GPT/EFI world is
> currently an adventure.
> The relevant partitions (using Linux descriptions) that I would like
> to use are:
> /dev/sda8 - EFI
> /dev/sda9 - main Dragonfly
> /dev/sdc5 - a 10GB partition for swap
> Any suggestions/links on how to install Dragonfly in such a scenario?

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