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Tue Jun 30 05:50:04 PDT 2020

Getting a graphical desktop out of FreeBSD took surprisingly more work
than with Dragonfly, but I've at least confirmed I'm seeing the same
problem on FreeBSD 12.1. Useful exercise as I also noticed the phantom
clicks happen on the console of the 5.8.1 install media (and a clean
installed system).

Incidentally - apologies if this email pops up twice. All the moving
between systems has made it difficult to keep track of my mail client


> Hello
> For what it's worth, I have a Macbookpro6,2 and /etc/rc.conf has
> dbus_enable="YES"
> udevd_enable="YES"
> no hald or moused enabled, trackpad works fine.
> Another test you could run is boot up FreeBSD using a usb stick and see
if the problem persists. If not, we can try figure out how to patch the
relevant drivers in DragonFly.
> Cheers
> Peeter
> --
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 8:47 PM Patrick McDonough <~patrick/dfly at>
>> I wouldn't have been terribly surprised if it was, but it doesn't seem
to be the case. I dug out some USB drives I had lying around that I
presumed would have at least one live environment I could boot into. If
only to give me a way to rule out anything DragonFly.
>> The first was an old version of MacOS Mojave, which didn't display the
symptoms in its graphical installer. I didn't think that was a
>> particularly great test, so I also found a drive containing Xubuntu
20.04, which confirmed the trackpad was working normally.
>> Patrick
>> On 2020-06-29 17:55, David Walker wrote:
>> Might the trackpad problem be a hardware problem?
>> My 2013 MacBook Air trackpad often randomly throws the cursor back to
irrelevant positions on earlier lines when I edit text with it. There
is advice on the web for alleviating the problem by holding down
diagonally opposite corners of the trackpad rather firmly for at least
5 seconds. The problem is not supposed to occur with
>> new trackpads. After holding down say lower left and upper right
corners as described, follow up with upper left and lower right, and
repeat the whole treatment several times. (For me that
>> made a difference, but the effect wears off so I use a mouse
>> instead when I can.)
>> David
>> On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 6:32 PM Patrick McDonough
<~patrick/dfly at> wrote:
>>> Howdy. I'm working on getting Dragonfly 5.8 running on a reasonably
recent Macbook Air (2017), with the intent to update the
>>> DragonFlyOnLaptops page with something a touch newer. The only real
issues I've faced are audio and trackpad related, as I've skirted
>>> dealing with Broadocm wifi using a cheap adapter board.
>>> Audio mostly works with snd_hda_load="YES" in loader.conf without
further configuration. However this is only on pcm2, which is the
headphone output. For speakers (pcm1) to work, I had to fiddle with
the gpio configuration.
>>> sysctl dev.hdaa.1.gpio_config=0=set
>>> Dandy. The trackpad less so.
>>> I'm seeing seemingly random middle and right clicks when using the
trackpad. It only happens when the trackpad is in use - so using a USB
mouse alleviates the problem entirely. However within seconds of
moving the cursor using the trackpad, I'm accosted by either middle or
right click events.
>>> My configuration is a default XFCE4 desktop on Xorg, with everything
installed through pkg. dbus, moused, and hald are the only additional
services enabled in my rc.conf.
>>> If anyone has a clue, that would be great. Failing that - a link to
the man/code for the relevant subsystem handling the trackpad
>>> (xorg-input-something? moused?) would be welcome.
>>> Patrick

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