Setup on PC Engines APU2 Boards

Christoph Harder shadowomf at
Sun Jun 28 10:17:24 PDT 2020

Hello Krzysztof,

using the settings you provided and disabling all ttyv* I was able to install DragonflyBSD.

However I believe I made a mistake when choosing vt100 as default console type at the end of the setup. I had problems editing files with ee and vi.
Do you know which terminal type is best suited when connecting through a usb-to-serial adapter using putty?

Best regards,

Am 27.06.2020 um 14:54 schrieb Krzysztof Piecuch:
> Resending this because I had some issues:
> Dillon suggested appending these options to /boot/loader.conf:
> sio0.flags=0x10
> sio0.baud=115200
> set boot_serial="YES"
> console=comconsole
> set comconsole_speed=115200
> After that, apu2d4 happily boots through serial console, no problems
> detected. See the screencast [1] for full /boot/loader.conf example and
> boot experience.
> Getty is spamming errors but I'm pretty sure you can disable it by
> turning off other gettys by editing /etc/ttys.
> Chris
> [1]:

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