What is the name of the pkg-config package?

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Fri Jun 26 14:05:12 PDT 2020

>>> I don't know what name DragonFly uses for pkg-config.
>> Using google to search "freebsd pkg-config" gave several sites saying
>> the *bsd package is called pkgconf
> Maybe the pkg program can provide an alias for 'pkg-config' and
> 'pkgconfig' to 'pkgconf'. Or maybe pkg can provide a suggestion for
> the correct package name?

The pkg-config situation off the top of my head, possibly with mistakes:

- The original pkg-config was written in Perl and originated in GNOME.
- pkgconf is a compatible rewrite in C, originated in one of the BSDs.
- pkgconf also provides the "pkg-config" command as an alias.
- pkgconf is installable from *BSD ports, and is in the OpenBSD base system.
- 'pkg config' in DragonFly is a completely different command whose name 
is similar by coincidence.
- 'man pkg-config' usually brings up the manual page for the pkg-config 
command, but in DragonFly the manpage for 'pkg config' subcommand is 
named 'pkg-config(8)' so that manpage is called up instead.

A pkg-config implementation is sufficiently simple and generally useful 
that having it in the base system might be a good idea.

As a separate but related suggestion, it could also make sense to ship 
.pc definition files for the base system libraries in /usr/lib. There's 
already a directory for such files, /usr/libdata/pkgconfig, but so far 
it only covers libusb and zlib.

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