Setup on PC Engines APU2 Boards

Christoph Harder shadowomf at
Wed Jun 24 22:43:29 PDT 2020


I'm currently trying to install DragonflyBSD on an PC Engines APU2 Board.
However when I try to boot the DragonflyBSD Image (dfly-x86_64-5.8.1_REL.img) from USB I do get the message "no /loader".
To ensure it's not a problem with the usb stick I tried the NetBSD and FreeBSD images, they worked.
I'm on a Windows machine and tried multiple ways to write the image to the usb stick (Rufus, Etcher and win32diskimager), but the message stayed the same.

Has anybody experience with the APU2 boards and putting DragonflyBSD on them?

Best regards,
Christoph Harder
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