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Mon Jun 1 15:19:17 PDT 2020

Virtualization seems very close. Though, I could carry through with the
Bhyve experiment, but the vmm.c which I referenced from GitHub is not
"AS-IS" as one would expect. It was very helpful as a guide, today on the
stated topic I attempted to close the gap with Vagrant.
The stopping point was a conflict with rubygem-rubyzip-1.3.0 the Avalon
package available is rubygem-rubyzip12-1.2.4, the required package seems to
be rubygem-rubyzip-1.2.4. To sum up, Vagrant does not recognize the libvirt
The story was similar with qemu. The QT5 aqemu gui locates qemu after
launching the wizard, seeming to create a HDD. After which it seems
possible that a bootable iso can be linked on restart. However, the error
is, no accelerator=KVM.
Jonathan Engwall
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