Dragonfly as the base?

Mikhail Novosyolov m.novosyolov at rosalinux.ru
Tue Jul 14 10:32:58 PDT 2020

14 июля 2020 г. 18:25:34 GMT+03:00, Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie at outstep.com> пишет:
>Hi All,
>Hope that everyone is going well.
>I have a project that will be on FreeBSD and needs to run just one
>application (either a VNC client or RDP client which could be rdesktop
>Freerdp) and am trying to determine if Dragonfly BSD might be a good
>from which to build it?
>I had heard somewhere that Dragonfly uses Mir as a replacement to Xorg
>as to keep the footprint size down but am not completely sure about

Very strange information

>This is meant to be an super-ultra-thin ISO (smallest possible ISO
>footprint) that has just a single remote access client application and
>absolutely nothing more while making the ISO absolutely as small as
>possible. (The smaller the better)
>I had investigated using Linux as a possible pathway but think that
>could be a better option for what I want since there are a few
>other customizations that I want to add in as well.

Do not forget about wifi, video cards and other hardware, if you have an unpredictable variety of hardware to work on, better choose linux.

If choosing between dflybsd and freebsd, pay attention on enablement if target hardware, two bsds may have a different situation.

Based on your not very deep description, I do not see big difference between dflybsd and freebsd. And I am not aware of how they both handle working as a live cd, so cannot give an advice here.

>Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,

Простите за краткость, создано в K-9 Mail.

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