HAMMER2 questions

Chuck Musser cmusser at sonic.net
Wed Jan 29 17:03:03 PST 2020

Thanks for the info!

Resiliency by copying over to HAMMER2 machine and then using the
snapshot feature: neat idea. The essence of it is that the OS does
incremental backups that would ordinarily be provided by a separate
backup and restore program. 

Does de-duplication only come into play when files get copied around?

That's an interesting statement: "RAIDs are not actually any more
reliable than non-RAID on small systems in terms of machine uptime." Why
is that? Spec'ing out systems to have disk mirrors is one of those
"accepted wisdom". But maybe accepted wisdom is just lazy thinking. It
would be good to avoid RAIDs in the cases where they don't provide a
clear benefit. 

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