.note.tag, readelf and dsynth version detection

Romick yellowrabbit2010 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 19:00:50 PST 2020

It seems that dsynth defines the system version based on the .note.tag(s) in
/bin/sh and a necessary condition is that these entries follow in a
certain order.  On my system this is not so :)

rabbit at fly ~% readelf -x .note.tag /bin/sh

Hex dump of section '.note.tag':
  0x00400218 0a000000 04000000 20000000 44726167 ........ ...Drag
  0x00400228 6f6e466c 79000000 00000000 0a000000 onFly...........
  0x00400238 04000000 01000000 44726167 6f6e466c ........DragonFl
  0x00400248 79000000 e5a30700                   y.......

rabbit at fly ~%

=== /usr/src/usr.bin/dsynth/config.c ===
struct NoteTag {
        Elf_Note note;
        char osname1[12];
        int version;            /* e.g. 500702 -> 5.7 */
        int x1;
        int x2;
        int x3;
        char osname2[12];
        int zero;

  with best regards,    
  Yellow Rabbit @yrabbit at mastodon.sdf.org
  DragonFly 5.7-DEVELOPMENT x86_64
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