Binary packages available for "staged" branch of DPorts?

Antonio Huete Jiménez tuxillo at
Wed Dec 30 07:17:23 PST 2020

Quoting Justin Sherrill <justin at>:

> On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 5:34 AM Michael Neumann <mneumann at> wrote:
> 10 syncs a year sounds really good to me and I am more than satisfied
>> with that!!! I wish there were just more information about all these
>> cool things *outside* of IRC so that they also find their way into the
>> DragonFly Digest (which I am more likely to read than IRC ;-).
> I would love to have a single constant place to show what's built and
> what's not, for dports.  There's no immediate way to tell if you can
> install an application on DragonFly.  You can look in the dports directory
> and see if there's a package, but that doesn't show if it's just not
> building right now, if it would build, etc.

Okay, I'll try to provide that next year and let you know!

> I know there's been reports but it doesn't remain constant in location or
> software, or match the actual state of what people can install.. I find
> myself going to to look stuff up which is not an exact
> fit.   This is all useful for the Digest and the project, I think.

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