can I use the display native resolution on vty0 as on any other vty's using KMS ?

Jasse Jansson jasse at
Tue Aug 11 07:47:49 PDT 2020

On 2020-08-11 10:18, karu.pruun wrote:
> Hello
>> Is it possible right now to end up in a pre-DRM situation by default ?
>> IIRC kern.kms_console now defaults to 1 (don't know since when it does).
> The terminology here is a little confusing. I used pre-drm to mean
> "until a drm driver (i915 or radeon) is loaded". Let me try to clarify
> booting.
> The first screen with the boot menu is displayed by the loader. The
> kernel modules to load by the loader are given in
> /boot/loader.conf
> However, the official advice is that the loader load the absolute
> required minimum of kernel modules. For instance, my loader.conf has
> no modules. This is because memory is tight at that early stage. If
> you include, e.g. a drm driver, i915 or radeon, then the kernel will
> most likely crash at boot.
> The official advice is to load modules later by placing them in
> /etc/rc.conf, for instance,
> i915_load="YES"
> I have all the required wlan, drm etc there. And you can also load the
> drm modules manually on console using 'kldload i915'.
> This means that, for instance, if I choose to load the drm driver
> manually then I'm in the pre-drm stage until I will have kldloaded it,
> say, on console, manually. The copyright note (the "Regents" screen
> you mention), this is the kernel starting to load. This is pre-drm,
> there is no drm driver anywhere. This is either VGA or the UEFI
> display. The terminology "kms_columns" is misleading; that variable is
> read by the system to try to figure out column x row configuration,
> but there is no drm driver anywhere. That same "kms_columns" is also
> read later by the drm driver to set the column x row configuration.
> So long story short: it is all pre-drm until the drm driver is
> literally kldloaded.
> The screen change you see when going from loader to kernel loading
> (the copyright, "Regents" note), there is no resolution change. The
> resolution is the same as on the loader screen, it has been set by
> UEFI. What you notice though is the change of font size. Between these
> two screens, the system has done the calculation described in the
> previous email, set the new column x row configuration, which is
> larger than what you have in the UEFI screen; but there is no change
> in resolution. Or perhaps there is slight change since it tries to
> allocate a buffer that covers most of the screen.
> I may have missed details, maybe someone can clarify more.
> Cheers
> Peeter

Things like this ought to be be added somewhere in the dragonfly wiki.

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