cannot mount a newly formatted HAMMER2 volume ... mount: invalid argument

nacho Lariguet lariguet at
Mon Aug 10 23:50:37 PDT 2020

On Tue, 11 Aug 2020 07:59:36 +0200
Daniel Fojt <df at> wrote:

> Greetings.

Thanks for your fast reply Daniel :) !

> On Tue, 11 Aug 2020 02:44:03 -0300
> nacho Lariguet <lariguet at> wrote:
> > mount_hammer2 '/dev/serno/CVCV2034019Y180EGN.s1d' '/mnt/tempROOT/';
> > mount: Invalid argument
> > ...
> > hammer2_mount: '/dev/serno/CVCV2034019Y180EGN.s1d at ROOT'  
> There is no "ROOT" volume on that H2 filesystem because...
> > newfs_hammer2 -L 'system' '/dev/serno/CVCV2034019Y180EGN.s1d';  
> ... when creating a filesystem, you've instructed the tool to create
> default volume named "system".
> If you would have omitted -L parameter, default volume "ROOT" would have
> been created (because processing s1d, see description in newfs_hammer2(8)),
> and that mount command would work. But with "system" default volume, you
> have to explicitely specify it, like:

I should have read the man page more carefully. Period. I didn't expect that
just placing a reminder label would have affected the inner workings. I am
used to label my systems with boot, system, data, database, and so on to
avoid making mistakes when managing drives.  

> mount_hammer2 '/dev/serno/CVCV2034019Y180EGN.s1d at system' '/mnt/tempROOT/';

Works flawlessly right now.

> Or, if you don't have anything valuable on that filesystem yet, better
> re-create it with default volume, especially if you plan to put Dragonfly
> system there and boot it later.

Nothing valuable yet. It is the volume (errr, I mean the partition, excuse my
non-BSD speaking for the time being) in which I want to put the system files
either via cpdup '/boot/' '/mnt/boot/' and cpdup '/' '/mnt/' as shown in the
handbook for a manual non-crypto installation or by following the more finer
approach the installer is taking copying from a list of files and making
a few more things while at it. I don't know what is the best approach, I
think what's on the handbook is for sheer simplicity, correct me if I'm

> HTH.
> --
> 						Daniel Fojt

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