python: llvmlite installed but with FULL llvm. Necessary? at
Sun Aug 30 20:41:07 PDT 2020


Prelimnary information:

1. Trying to install numba, which requires llvmlite.
2. Using python 3.8 (default is 3.7)
3. After some contortions (thought would not work) actually managed to generate a package. 
4. Which passes all supplied tests/coverage. Skips 2 tests which seem to be non dfly specific.
5. The llvmlite contains an so file which requires (found via ldd) (around 78MB)


1. To install a prebuilt llvmlite, only that required? Checked that by:
2. Uninstalling llvm10, first storing that file. And then copied that so file to /usr/local/lib 
3. In a virtual environment, installed llvmlite (from locally generated wheel) and numba, all seemed to work fine, with just the file.


1. BUT : The only clean way to get the libLLVM so seems to be to install entire llvm10 which seems overkill?
2. AND : llvm also pulls in perl and python3.7 (neither of which are required for gcc?).
3. Would rather not have multiple python installs on the machine. Can confuse.

Is it possible to have a separate package which contains only

Also, tried using py37-numba by uninstalling 3.8 and installing (default) 3.7 

import numba failed as numpy was not found, even in a venv with numpy. Unusual. Guess have to use dports numpy for that?

Went back to 3.8 


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