can we have latest hashes ONLY on another CHECKSUM.MD5 alongside /DragonFly-x86_64-LATEST-IMG* ?

nacho Lariguet lariguet at
Mon Aug 10 16:44:29 PDT 2020

This is a minor request to add a line to the script (or whatever) that copies the latest image to the public download directory.
Whatever it is doing it, it is adding the latest MD5 hashes to /snapshots/x86_64/images/CHECKSUM.MD5
Will it be possible to have another file with ONLY the latest hashes as following ? ... is this possible ?

Because each time one wants to download the latest image he/she has to download the full-history MD5 (600KB-or-so) file from the following subdir; eg:

I think it will be a minor twitch to some script and will be really convenient from the point of view of the end user.

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