regarding disklabel64 switches ... is -w -r -B valid on the same command ?

nacho Lariguet lariguet at
Fri Aug 7 14:32:30 PDT 2020

eg: disklabel64 -w -r -B /dev/da0s1 auto;

This what the install log shows as:

<<< Executing `/sbin/disklabel64 -B -r -w da0s1'

BUT the man page for disklabel64 under "Installing bootstraps" states the following use cases:

1) disklabel64 -B [-b boot1 -s boot2] disk [disktype/auto] ... installing the bootstrap code without changing the label
2) disklabel64 -w -B [-n] [-b boot1 -s boot2] disk [disktype/auto [packid]] ... installing the bootstrap code and writing the label
3) disklabel64 -R -B [-n] [-b boot1 -s boot2] disk protofile [disktype/auto] ... reading from a file and proceeding accordingly

And under "Initializing/Formatting a bootable disk from scratch" shows the following example:

disklabel64 -B -r -w da0s0;

... which is exactly what the install log shows.

So the question is:

disklabel64 -B -r -w seems not to be valid accordingly from what the man page states.

disklabel64 -B -w (without -r which is only mentioned under "Writing a standard label" and has no mention of -B)

Furthermore; the install log also shows:

<<< Executing `/sbin/disklabel64 -r da0s1 >/tmp/install.disklabel.da0s1'

to restore from a file and the man page clearly states -R not -r to do so.

It is somehow confusing.

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