New "chromium" does not sync bookmarks or any data

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Apr 17 09:26:13 PDT 2020

As per a conversation on IRC I think we can summarize the issue as being
related to the Google API keys that the chromium package is compiled with.
Historically we just used the FreeBSD keys, but in recent times I've
questioned whether we should use any keys at all.  The keys are required by
google to integrate with google services such as account synchronization
and automatic translation.  Without the keys, those services will not
operate in a fully integrated manner (for example, no auto-translation, but
you can still go directly to the translation URL).  It's a bit of a mess,
we're mulling over what to do.  Honestly I'm leaning towards not building
chromium with any API keys at all since doing so marries the browser to
google's integrated services.

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