Master can now be updated - a full world + kernel build and pkgs upgrade is required.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Sep 16 09:37:03 PDT 2019

For people using master, all the ABI breakage has been committed and new
binary packages have been generated.  A full world + kernel build is
required, reboot, and then a full replacement of all packages (typically
via 'pkg upgrade -f') is required.  Remember to upgrade packages after
rebooting, not before.

Generally speaking, the breakage means that numerous new packages will not
run on an old kernel and numerous old packages will not run on a new
kernel.  Packages which use messaging (which would be many of the web
packages such as chrome and X applications such as xpdf) or mess with
network interfaces (such as named / bind) will break if not matched.

Sometimes the packages database can get confused when doing a major
replacement like this.  If the pkg upgrade finds dangling packages that it
can't figure out it is usually best to ^C, delete them with pkg delete, and
then try again, until pkg upgrade is able to run cleanly with only its
normal deinstall/install/reinstall output.  If things get really bad you
might have to delete your packages and reinstall.  You really don't want
any older packages or libraries sitting around if you upgrade to the latest

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