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Mon May 27 07:59:07 PDT 2019

On 5/27/2019 10:03 AM, Michael Neumann wrote:
> On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 11:44:38PM -0400, Pierre Abbat wrote:
>> I'm planning to get several small computers so that I can test my software on
>> several OSes. One will compile binaries for Windows; the others will run
>> OpenBSD, NetBSD, probably FreeBSD, and maybe DragonFly (I already have a
>> DragonFly box, but it's slow compared to my laptop). I'm looking at these:
>> How can I make sure that all the hardware works on all the BSDs?
> If you want small boxes, take a look at LattePanda Alpha's from DFRobot.
> The old LattePanda's (V1) are very similar to Intel NUC and you get the
> entry model for 90$ (2GB RAM/32GB Flash). The Alpha's are much more
> powerful than V1 but also much more expensive (~400$). The LattePanda's
> have pretty standard Intel hardware, graphics, network and wireless
> should work out of the box.
> You can also take a look at UDOO x86 and Up Board which are both very
> similar to LattePanda.
> Also pretty cheap are HP's MicroServers. I have two of them (N54L).

I'll avoid HP microservers.

I have one (gen8) and, for example, won't boot from the USB3 ports.

Also refuses to boot with one USB2 and one USB3 stick int the USB2 ports.

I run FreeNAS on mine.

They seem a bit "special". I won't buy anymore of these, cheap or not.

> I agree with the other commenters that Virtualization might be the
> better approach unless you need to run your software on real hardware.
> Regards,
>    Michael
>> The reason I say "probably FreeBSD" is that another computer I'm going to get
>> is a Power9 box from Raptor for big-endian testing. I know of two OSes that
>> are big-endian on Power9: Adélie Linux and FreeBSD. However, while it is Tier
>> 1 on Adélie, it is Tier 2 on FreeBSD. So I may or may not set it up as dual-
>> boot.
>> Pierre
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