Computers for cross-platform development

jasse Jansson jasse at
Fri May 24 08:44:31 PDT 2019

On 5/24/2019 5:44 AM, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> I'm planning to get several small computers so that I can test my software on
> several OSes. One will compile binaries for Windows; the others will run
> OpenBSD, NetBSD, probably FreeBSD, and maybe DragonFly (I already have a
> DragonFly box, but it's slow compared to my laptop). I'm looking at these:
> How can I make sure that all the hardware works on all the BSDs?

Hard to tell. Search forums maybe.

Check out Shuttle's boxes while you're at it, they are mostly made of 
standard components with very few suprices.

> The reason I say "probably FreeBSD" is that another computer I'm going to get
> is a Power9 box from Raptor for big-endian testing. I know of two OSes that
> are big-endian on Power9: Adélie Linux and FreeBSD. However, while it is Tier
> 1 on Adélie, it is Tier 2 on FreeBSD. So I may or may not set it up as dual-
> boot.
> Pierre

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