HAMMER2 snapshots and other help

Daniel Bilik ddb at neosystem.org
Tue Mar 5 23:57:35 PST 2019

Hi, George.

On Tue, 5 Mar 2019 21:16:50 -0500
George <g.lister at nodeunit.com> wrote:

> I am currently struggling to figure out how to make and use snapshots.
> I saw the command:
> hammer2 snapshot /home/mydir /snaps/mydir.s01
> which I thought would create a snapshot under /snaps/mydir.01 but
> that's not what happens...

No, first parameter to "snapshot" command is a path to filesystem you want
to snapshot, but second parameter is just a label you want to assign it.
See hammer2(8) for details.

So you create a snapshot for example like this:

hammer2 snapshot /home/mydir mydir_test_snapshot

> how does one view the contents of a snapshot? How can I list them?

Find a snapshot of your interest with "hammer2 pfs-list" and then just
mount it somewhere using the label:

mount_hammer2 <hammer2-block-device>@<label> /somewhere

						Daniel Bilik

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