Late commit to drm code fixes lockup - for 5.6 and master, and opie removal instructions for master

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jun 17 16:00:47 PDT 2019

We had a bit of an oops with the 5.6.0 release.  We did insufficient
testing of a particular drm change and a serious X lockup bug wound up in
the release.  We will be rolling 5.6.1 but in the mean time anyone running
the release can update their sources to get the fix and then simply rebuild
and reinstall their kernel.  There is no need to rebuild/reinstall the
world.  Just the kernel (including modules).

(if you don't have the system sources:  cd /usr; make src-create-shallow)
cd /usr/src
git pull
make -j 4 nativekernel
make installkernel

And then reboot normally.  This will fix an issue with X that could result
in a machine freeze.


The opie removal only applies to master.  Opie still exists in release (but
is deprecated).

Also note that the upgrade procedure for master has not yet been fixed to
deal with the opie removal, so if you are using a recent master or updating
to master please manually remove any 'opie' related lines from
/etc/pam.d/*, if any are present.

If you have updated to the latest master and accidentally rebooted the
system into an unusable state (where you are unable to login),  The
solution there is to reboot and choose single-user mode, make sure / is
mounted rw (usually just 'mount -u -o rw /' does the job), and make the
appropriate edits to /etc/pam.d/*.  Then reboot once more.

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