HAMMER2 - mounting root from dm_crypt

Daniel Bilik ddb at neosystem.org
Fri Jan 18 12:33:43 PST 2019

Hi, Aaron.

On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 23:02:45 +0800
Aaron LI <aly at aaronly.me> wrote:

> Since the HAMMER2 FS was created with '-L ROOT', it requires '@ROOT' to
> be mounted.

Ah, that was it. Thank you for pointing out this detail. I've not expected
it could be related.

> Another simple way to workaround your issues is use the following setting
> in /boot/loader.conf:
> vfs.root.realroot="crypt:hammer2:/dev/serno/<serial-of-disk>.s1d:rootd"
> Note the final 'd'!

Indeed, this workaround really works. I've not examined the magic behind
it but my "ROOT" hammer2 filesystem is correctly mounted during boot with
original non-patched initrd. Thank you very much for the hint.


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