Installation 'halts' at boot after initialising UEFI framebuffer

cbz cbz at
Mon Jan 7 07:56:52 PST 2019

On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 15:38, Michael Neumann <mneumann at> wrote:
> Yes, I had a similar issue. I think what you are seeing is similar to
> this:

I get a similar screen - so yes I'd say it's stopping at the same
point in the build cycle.

> I have a patch below that works for me. You need to apply it to /usr/src
> ( cd /usr/src && patch -p1 < patch-fb-machdep.c) recompile and reinstall
> the kernel. Let us know if you have trouble with the patching procedure.
> You need to set the loader tunable "sc.probe_early=1" before booting in
> the boot loader.

I'm doing an initial install - on the first machine I have to run
dragonflybsd so don't have an environment on which I could rebuild the
install media.  So I assume my options are to install Linux or
similar, put dragonflybsd in a VM and then use that to rebuild the
kernel in the install media?


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