Wired memory analysis

Daniel Bilik ddb at neosystem.org
Thu Jan 17 04:00:34 PST 2019


After recent update (from to my system
regularly runs out of swap space during daily periodic(8) (which is
shifted to 1pm as the system doesn't run 24/7). Sometimes the system runs
out of memory and kills processes, most often chrome, but X also got hit
at least one time.

When inspecting the system during this unpleasant situation, I've noticed
quite high numbers under "wired memory" in top(1). It's a little above
1000M when the system boots and desktop is launched, it gets to around
3500M after cca 5 hours of "normal" desktop usage, but I've seen more then
6000M after periodic(8). What's remarkable, when "wired" gets that high, it
doesn't drop significantly even after periodic(8) is done.

The system has 8G of memory, and it hasn't been utilizing it's 512M of swap
such heavily before the mentioned update. In fact, it's been barely touching
the swap.

Is there a way one can inspect the content of "wired memory" (and
potentially identify most hungry consumer)? (I know it's _wired_ but) is
there a way a system can be forced to release some of this memory?

Thank you.


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