desktop problem

Aaron LI aly at
Thu Feb 21 19:34:41 PST 2019

On Thu, 21 Feb 2019 19:19:45 -0800
Jonathan Engwall <engwalljonathanthereal at> wrote:

> Can anyone explain this?
> See the screenshot image...

Hi. I have a dfly master (v5.5) in VirtualBox and the 'pkg' works well.

How about the output of 'pkg stats' in your dfly?  Mine is:
# pkg stats
Local package database:
        Installed packages: 152
        Disk space occupied: 1 GiB

Remote package database(s):
        Number of repositories: 1
        Packages available: 29541
        Unique packages: 29541
        Total size of packages: 46 GiB

By the way, do you have any custom pkg settings (e.g., in '/usr/local/etc/pkg.conf') ?

Another thing you could try is to recreate the pkg database (e.g., remove /var/db/pkg and fetch it again).


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