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Pierre Abbat phma at
Wed Feb 20 10:03:33 PST 2019

On Wednesday, 20 February 2019 01.44.26 EST Seann Aswell wrote:
> Of course if anyone has actually attempted to get KDE5 to work on
> DragonFly, they will likely chime in...

It's been some months since I actually used KDE on DragonFly, but it is still 
installed and I should be able to get it up. The last reason I logged into 
DragonFly (as opposed to ssh-ing into it) was to ssh into my Linux laptop to 
kill a program that was grabbing all the memory it could and making it 
impossible to even move the mouse.

I got KDE running by installing a login manager (namely sddm). sddm is 
installed in /usr/local/, so its startup script (as are others) is in /usr/
local/etc/rc.d/. I just tried to enable it with rcrun, but it crashed. I'll be 
away for a few days and won't be able to fix it till I get back.

I have kwrite running on DFly over ssh. The KDE version is 5.47.0 (5.44.0 on 

I'm not sure what package you have to install to get the KDE desktop, but it 
may be one of the plasma packages.


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