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Tue Feb 19 22:44:26 PST 2019

Not sure you will have much luck with KDE5 on DragonFly, as it is very 
much a Linux oriented desktop environment. The PCBSD folks (now TrueOS) 
used to support KDE4, but eventually started work on a QT5 based BSD 
oriented desktop called Lumina, which does work well on DragonFly.

Of course if anyone has actually attempted to get KDE5 to work on 
DragonFly, they will likely chime in...

On 2/19/19 11:14 PM, Jonathan Engwall wrote:
> Yes, it seems that dbus support is there but the directories which the 
> OS "cannot find" really are not there.
> I have installed dozens of packages with "pkg search <qt5 or 
> whatever>" followed by "pkg install <whatever>" that is not really the 
> issue.
> The issue is the login screen of KDE locks me out. I looked for the 
> launcher itself to tell it to dbus-launch with no real success.
> I installed KDE with mkdesktop as root. My last guess is that I can 
> launch KDE from a script in root. However there are several 
> directories which really do not exist.
> Jonathan Engwall
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 5:24 PM Matthew Dillon <dillon at 
> <mailto:dillon at> wrote:
>     Make sure /etc/rc.conf has:
>     dbus_enable="YES"
>     You should be able to add and remove packages at-will with the
>     'pkg' program as root.  If it isn't on the system you can
>     bootstrap it with:
>     cd /usr
>     make pkg-bootstrap
>     -Matt
>     On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 3:46 PM Jonathan Engwall
>     <engwalljonathanthereal at
>     <mailto:engwalljonathanthereal at>> wrote:
>         Downloading 5.4.1 now hoping for better results.
>         Any advice, suggestion, inquiry is welcome.
>         Jonathan Engwall
>         On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 2:06 PM Jonathan Engwall
>         <engwalljonathanthereal at
>         <mailto:engwalljonathanthereal at> wrote:
>             Also you should know that I am using it on virtualbox.
>             On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 1:52 PM Jonathan Engwall
>             <engwalljonathanthereal at
>             <mailto:engwalljonathanthereal at> wrote:
>                 I have spent all day working on this, since 8 a.m. it
>                 is now 1:45. X11 and DBUS did not configure properly.
>                 Mkdesktop is the pkg I used to build KDE and now,
>                 because /var/run/dbus is literaly not there I cannot
>                 log in.
>                 I need to bypass the desktop to get console access. I
>                 have used the live image several times and made
>                 changes which ultimately have not produced results.
>                 I have changed the entry for tty8, I have written an
>                 .xinitrc, I have changed the .login and .login-config
>                 both to BAK.login. And I get nowhere.
>                 At this point I want to remove KDE, but I can't. Using
>                 the live image as root does not allow me to remove any
>                 packages.
>                 How can I get around the desktop login?
>                 Jonathan Engwall
>                 Also I have noticed that /etc/X11/ is empty

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